TRIAGE: not all real estate development services start at ground zero. Sometimes circumstances are already in process and require 1.618 Interests to function as an Emergency Room Team. That is, immediately understanding the 'hemorrhaging' and returning the situation to a stabilized condition.

ERSKINE | DETROIT, MI: an out-of-state investor came to town with the goal to "own little piece of Detroit." After committing to a cash acquisition and a thirty day inspection period, 1.618 Interests was engaged to facilitate and complete the due diligence process.

RUSSEL STREET | DETROIT, MI:  seeking to return to urban living, an "empty nester" couple enthusiastically began to transform a 4,700 square foot old repair shop built in 1919 near Eastern Market into their home. Enthusiasm overshadowed the discipline of process and 1.618 Interests was engaged to reconcile the relationship with the general contractor.