Detroit, Michigan

1.618 Interests Role

Director with Hines, Real Estate Development Consultant


ROSSETTI | Cannon Design

Building Details

New Construction Areas - 97,500 square feet

Renovated Areas - 45,750 square feet

About Heart and Vascular Institute (HVI)

Detroit Medical Center engaged the Hines/Navigant team to provide a second opinion on the creation of HVI. 

The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) had not been considered a leader in heart and vascular care for a number of years even though Harper Hospital was the site of the first open heart operation in 1952. The DMC had been investigating the viability of significantly expanding and improving their heart and vascular service line as defined in a concept design by the architect.

The second opinion analysis of the concept design and cost estimate provided a fresh perspective on the suitability of the program and design. The critical analysis concluded the upside opportunities of expanding the service line and market share were "tremendous and well worth considering."