"The future of America's cities depends on policies and practices of a higher order.  They need to be forged with an attitude of objectivity, an openness to new and different perspectives, an ability to step outside of one's immediate experience, a fundamental respect for the process of unbridled civic discourse."

Rip Rapson, The Kresge Foundation


Social investment, social responsibility, and social justice are timeless values. Their solutions however are often elusive. Within the past 100 years, the achievement of social justice has been an episodic learning curve, with well intended failures being our greatest teacher. Experience has shown us that success comes to those who are tenacious, have compassion, and nurture an open heart.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to social investments.  We recognize that social responsibility is not 'optional.' It is a requirement for empowering social and environmental change. Our tripartite focus on financial capital (money), social capital (networks) and human capital (expertise and skills) provides a framework for socially responsible development.

1.618 Interests is committed to social investment being an integral part of why and how we do what we do.