Detroit, Michigan

1.618 Interests Role

Site Selection Consultant



General Contractor

Barton Malow

Program Details

New home (studio)

160,000 square feet (80,000 sf high bay)

8 to 10 acres site

Accessible to Woodward Parade Route

About New Home for The Parade Company

The Parade Company tells the stories in our dreams.

The Parade Company brings to life and runs The Ford Fireworks, America's Thanksgiving Parade, Hob Nobble Gobble, and the Turkey Trot. Assisted by over 2,500 volunteers, The Parade Company annually hosts thousands of children and families as they tour their studio.

Currently, the Mt. Elliott studio is in need of major repairs to be watertight, comfortable and safe for employees ad guests. The Mt. Elliott Studio is not positioned in suitable location for the future of a family oriented organization.

1.618 Interests is engaged to locate the site of their new home.