As Real Estate Asset Managers, 1.618 Interests focuses on maximizing property value for investment purposes.  We shoulder the role and responsibilities of an owner and look out for the owner's best interests.

Asset Management

Asset management involves the financial aspects of ownership -- the growth of value it may yield. The principle of asset management is to promote market value so ownership can increase its returns.

manage cash flows

maximize total return from property

collaborate with legal, accounting and tax professionals

evaluate tenant mix

supervise property managers, leasing agents and negotiate third party contracts

recommend the sale, exchange or re-positioning of assets and advise on capital improvements

model a full life-cycle financial analysis including capital improvement schedule and reserve fund

assess current debt and recognize opportunities for using credit to an advantage

oversee acquisition and disposition

Property Management

Property management refers to the administration of day-to-day operations.

manage communication with tenants

process accounts payable and receivables

supervise vendors performing maintenance and repairs

perform periodic inspections