1.618 Interests provides Development Management Services continuously throughout the life of a project

Conceptual Vision Phase

Define Scope and Purpose

Site Selection and Site Control

Due Diligence

Market Analysis

Site Evaluations (existing structure, utility infrastructure, geotechnical, environmental, zoning and encumbrances)

Feasibility Analysis

Ownership Structure and Agreements

Identify Government Incentives

Project Budget and Schedule

Defining Design Phase

Assemble Architectural, Engineering and Pre-Construction Team

Negotiate Design Service Contracts

Monitor and Manage Design Process

Governmental Approval Management

Technology, Security and Operational Requirements

Maintain Alignment with Project Budget and Scope

Pre-Construction Phase

Bid Packages

Scope Review

Value Engineering

Detailed Construction Schedule

Construction Contract Negotiations

Construction Phase

Construction Management

Integrate Operational Team


Closeout and Occupancy

Concurrent Activities During All Phases

Risk Analysis

Financial Modeling - Proforma, Cash Flows, Returns

Measurement - Accounting


Sustainability|Green Building


Calculations|Strategic Monitoring and Inspections


Collaboration and Communication